1. Money Shame

From the recording Jealous of the Rest of Us

written, produced, performed and mixed by Coleman Moore
drums by Max McDonald
mastered by Daniel Eaton at Little Castle Mastering


She gave a little bit she couldn’t give it all
She made a promise not to let on
That in her wallet she had every single card
Forbidden memberships and you can come along

It’s understated cause she wishes she had made it
On her own, you know she’ll never celebrate it
I wanna know why she don’t identify
With what the rest of us reflecting in our eyes
She got that money shame

So close to perfect, the picture seems right
She checks her privilege on the lonely nights
But she don’t deserve it, and no doubt she’s learned it
No pride in sharing when it came down from your parents

Checks in the mail, but no one’s checking in
She wants to fail, wants to stop accomplishing
She had to write a hundred thank you notes
They all say next year, please leave me alone
She got that money shame

A man on the bridge gave me the finger
I passed him by but a nasty finger lingered

She met a boy with an open heart of joy
He let her break the law, and do it in the raw
She felt absorbed, forgot about the score
He only wishes she would show him just a little more

His mom and dad knew he was thinking bout a ring
She kept her sex life secret since she was seventeen
Sharing everything is kinda scary when
You’re always running from what’s running in the family
She got that money shame