A tornado of boy band cool and punk rock passion, LA-based songwriter Coleman Moore crafts uncanny pop that blends wry humor and naked tenderness through a distorted millennial lens.

Coleman’s perspective is dry, engaging earnestly with squirmy topics like gender roles, privilege, and internet life. He takes inspiration from Tom Waits’ penchant for verbal pot-pourri and leans into sugary teenage emotions as achingly as Taylor Swift or Death Cab for Cutie. Elements of 80s soul, 00s dance punk, hip hop and shoegaze glue the sound into one that is fresh yet familiar, and delivers unforgettable songs.

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Coleman Moore in the forest by Hannah Taylor

Songwriting aside, Coleman Moore is a live act not to be missed. You have to see it to understand it, but the physical commitment is unrelenting, the body movement is almost neverending, and he wobbles between razor-sharp syncopations and physical comedy. In his signature silk blouse with only the top button fastened, he pushes his energy to the max in every chorus and it feels exhausting, disturbing, and majestic to watch.

Before becoming Coleman Moore, which is his real name, Coleman spent years trying to crack the pop songwriting circles of Hollywood, producing beats for aspiring singer songwriters, and lending his musical instincts – both inborn and classically trained – to various rock bands, noise projects, and film music. In formative duos Feudal Soul and Rich & Lux he developed his voice for hooks. At a certain point he could no longer linger in the studio and sought to find a way to deliver his slickly produced pop jams to an audience without resorting to DJ gear or a looper pedal. Instead he emerged as a fully invested stage performer, rough around the edges but with all the passion of a classic diva.

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Coleman just released a new single called “Cookie Crumbs,” in prep for an upcoming release of new music. In the latest music video with electronic outfit Darkplay, “Natalie Portman,” Coleman gives a raunchy one take performance of the dive bar party song. Masculinity, Coleman’s debut LP, and its jangly guitar-centric follow-up, Jealous of the Rest of Us, are available to stream everywhere while he is cooking up a slew of newer and more futuristic additions to his catalog.

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